Good morning everyone:                          

The reading this week is Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 

Gen 22:1-14         Jer 28:5-9        Rom 6:12-23            Matt 10:40-42  

See below for the Prayers of the People. Mary Holte prepared them for today.  

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Prayers of the People

Our Father and our God, as we come together today from the comfort of our homes, we gather to worship and to pray.  We are community and we give you thanks.

As we contemplate the scriptures for this fourth Sunday after Pentecost, we are reminded of how you spoke of times of trials to come and without mincing words spoke of hatred, betrayal and persecution. During this time of trial, a world-wide pandemic, political divide and created chaos that has resulted in violence around the globe, and 'bubbles' where we have had to live in isolation from others, we ask that you calm our hearts and clear out minds and to not be afraid as we look to expand our bubbles and reach out to others.

Father, hospitality during Covid 19 time can be difficult. Your word encourages us to welcome and receive the stranger and to represent and symbolize Jesus before others. We acknowledge that the baptized are sent into the world to tell and embody the good news of Jesus Christ but how to do this in these strange days.

Dear God, as we seek to live these words, we need your guidance, your wisdom, courage and safety to open our eyes to those around us who need a cold cup of water.  Kindle our hearts to respond to them in love and action bearing in mind the ‘bubbles’ we live in and those we are reaching out to inclusively embrace.

Father, give us the courage to be like the disciples Dietrich Bonheoffer describes in his book, The Cost of Discipleship: “They (you) are now Christ’s fellow workers and will be like Him in all things. Thus they (you) are to meet those to whom they (you) are sent as if they (you) were Christ Himself. When they (you) are welcomed into a house (or a bubble), Christ enters with them (you). They (you) are bearers of His presence. They (you) bring with them (you)  the most precious gift in the world, the gift of Jesus Christ. 

Father, use us in whatever state we are in...If we are ill, use our sickness; If we are healthy, use our well-being; If we are upset, use our sadness; and if we are joyful, use our exuberance. We willingly offer all of ourselves to you this day, trusting that you will make sense of it all in your good time.