Dear Parishioners, 

As someone who has had the “enemy” in our home, I can say many things but there are two things I want to say today:

1)      Everyone’s experience of the Covid-19 will be unique. Some will have it, exhibit no symptoms, and spread it around. Some will have a mild case just as Jim and I had. Some will get seriously ill and struggle to regain health. Others will die from it.

2)      Jim and I both had Covid-19.  Jim is back to health 100%. I am lagging. I think I tried to do too much too soon and have relapsed into some fatigue. I will do my best to simply rest this week. And I ask for your patience and prayers.  

Where are you attending church?
I had hoped to be livestreaming services from our beautiful little church, but for now that is not in the cards. I will continue to post a sermon video each Sunday. Some people want more, so it’s time to “shop around” to find a livestream or recorded service that speaks to you. From Evelyne G – at St. Andrew’s church in Sidney, BC, on line each Sunday

Val and Clair have visited

Others are attending Sunday service at the Cathedral in Victoria: 

Hashtag speaks 
What do the parishioners of St. Mary’s have to say during this time of Covid??

I’ve borrowed an idea from my son, who is part of an international group of artists who each hold up a sign saying something about staying positive and creative during these challenging times, signing off with where they are in the world.

Attached you can find a template so there is some consistency. But the message is yours – say something funny, inspiring, reassuring, profound. As you can see, the message needs to be short.

Selinde Hashtag       And it can be handwritten. Just make sure the last line is there #StMaryNanooseBay and then take a selfie or have someone else take a photo of you holding the sign.

Please let us know if you are willing to have your contribution posted to our FaceBook page. Thank you!

I get so many emails with jokes, photos, poems, prayers attached. I’m losing track of everything and I’m not able to open them all. . .

So, if you have something you would like distributed to your fellow parishioners, attach it to your Hashtag message and forward both to KAT who will put everyone’s submission into order and send them out accordingly.  

Want some fresh air and exercise?  From Val Davies, an offer!


Did you know that the church property extends approximately 880 feet along Blokker Road?

Right now the invasive broom is in bloom along there and should be cut down, which we are sure would be appreciated by the neighbours. If you would like to help for an hour or two, be in the fresh air, and socially distance by 20 feet, please call Val.    

Here’s the BBC Thought for the Day yesterday from John Bell, one of the musician/composers whose songs we sing: 

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