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Changes are coming…. Please read this update through to the end so you don't miss important information. Thank you!

Dear Parishioners,

In this time of pandemic I am either noticing things I hadn’t noticed before, or there are new and marvellous things happening. Just this past week, Jim and I were driving past a farm and noticed two huge bald eagles sitting side by side. They were facing a deer and something on the ground a couple of metres away. Could it have been a fawn in distress? I don’t know. The mind is quick to make up stories. But the image of the faceoff is burned into my mind. A face off in nature. 

You may have heard me mention before that my favourite bird song is that of the Swainson’s Thrush. The bird migrates and is only here for the warmer weather. Last year I heard its song for the first time on our older son’s birthday, May 20th. This year I knew when to start listening so for a few days before I had my radar on. And lo and behold, on May 20th, just as I was getting in to the car to drive down to spend time with our son on his birthday, what did I hear?!? Check out their song in the video below.  Their song goes up well beyond the range of human hearing…. perhaps, all the way to heaven!

From Teresa Sandiford to add to Mary’s recent music suggestion, I like to listen to the Gregorian Chants. I find them calming and contemplative. Say “Hey Google” play “Gregorian chants” and …….pure beauty!

Mary Taylor sent a beautiful string of photos from around the world – people sharing what they see out their window during this time of pandemic. See attached.

Jerry has sent a long an article where the author reflects on the hidden, or not so hidden if we have our eyes open, blessings to be found in the pandemic: Click HERE.

And for our music selection this time, from Jean Costerton, a unique gathering of musicians from Indonesia:  Click HERE

Would you like to share with your fellow parishioners what you look out on/what brings you joy each day? Send your photos to KAT and she will share them over the next few weeks.   

No more bell ringing on Wednesdays. But come to St. Mary’s at noon if you want to connect with others. The wardens will set up chairs (weather permitting!) in the Memorial Garden, at the prescribed spacing, so people can gather for half an hour, start with a short prayer and have time to share/catch up. Bring your own thermos of coffee/tea and folding chair if you have one.  

Selinde is shortening her work week to two days until the end of June to give herself the time needed to fully recover from the virus. This is being done with the permission of the Synod office and the wardens/Council.   

To support Selinde, please send your emails and make your phone calls on her workdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She will respond to you on those days. KAT continues to work in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from home for her remaining hours. Messages to KAT in the office will be answered Monday through Thursday. 

The UPDATES will continue, as will the Sunday sermons and morning prayer at 10am. 

An excerpt from the May 2020 Rector’s Report:
You need to know that I feel extremely blessed in a number of ways:
1) that Jim and I had a mild case of the virus and are alive
2) that I haven’t been able to go full out 24/7 like other clergy in the diocese who are close to burnout - I’ve been able to say “no” because I’ve had to. I just haven’t had the energy to do and be everything.
3) that I have had this extended time at home with my husband. It’s been wonderful. The constant driving and being away from home each week is a bigger drain than I realized.
4) the care and concern from the parish has let me know that I am a member of this community and can rest into the knowledge that my needs can be considered as well. My trust has increased that it’s not “all up to me.”
5) my spirits are good! I have more time now to pray, read and reflect and this has been such a gift! In some ways I feel more connected to more people in the parish – through prayer, emails, phone calls.
6) I trust that there a great wisdom and opportunity in what is happening in the world, at St. Mary’s and with me, and that given a faithful response, we can look forward to an awesome new day!"

Be reassured that I am under the care of my doctor and receive regular spiritual direction. I am truly blessed.

Bless you all, and I ask your blessing as we go forward, together.

Yours in Christ,