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Dear St. Mary’s!

As I sit here at my desk preparing this Update, I feel my heart fill as I think of our beloved parish, and all you wonderful people. This has been such a long time of separation. I hold my longing lightly and tenderly, trusting that we will gather again when the time is right.

I do feel your presence as I sit in prayer at 10am each morning, but honestly, I look forward to the day I don’t have to look at my own face when I offer my sermon, and I can look out at all of you! We are relying on virtual connection these days, and the power of prayer, and….. we look forward to when we can gather again, share bread, share the peace, sing our hearts out, see each other’s faces and maybe not embrace, but exchange smiles, nods and caring words.

Serapion the Sindonite travelled once on a pilgrimage to Rome. Here he was told of a celebrated recluse, a woman who lived always in one small room, never going out. Skeptical about her way of life – for he himself was a great wanderer—Serapion called on her and asked, “Why are you sitting here?” To which she replied, “I am not sitting; I am on a journey.” (Benedicta Ward, The Desert of the Heart)  

As a people living through this time of Covid, we are being changed by our circumstances, whether we like it or not. We might be chomping at the bit, or settled into this quieter way of life, but either way our world has, and is, changing. And we have been at home, not traveling, yet…. have we not been traveling inwardly?! Are we not being changed?!

I just spent some time on the phone this morning with my son who is rightly concerned about the violence brimming over in our neighbouring country and even here at home. “What can we do?!” he asked.

I pray about this. And I don’t have easy answers.

But I do hear Jesus saying, “The kingdom of God is within.”

If we are willing to look at our own propensity for violence, and the room, or lack of room, we make for the Spirit to live in and through us, we will make the changes necessary to be peace makers.

If we are looking to others to bring peace about in the world, we will be waiting a very long time.

Our role as Christians is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and make clean our own hearts. And that means doing the work to look at how we do or don’t spread peace in our own environments.

And that is doable! We can change ourselves!! We are on a journey of healing and wholeness, always drawn into the heart of LOVE. “Lord, make me a channel of your peace! Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. And let the love you give me without condition or limit, spill over into the world you so love. Amen.”  

We are retiring our email addresses([email protected] & [email protected]) effective July 31, 2020.  If possible, going forward please use our new email address only.  Thank you. KAT: [email protected] SELINDE: [email protected]  

There has been some confusion about my request around my time off. So, to clarify, when you have something to discuss with me via phone or email, can it wait until Tuesdays and Wednesdays (my work days)? I’m here working at home those days and am happy to connect with you.  If there is an emergency or you need to talk with me on another day of the week, please get in touch!  Keep me in the loop, but if you can hold off with your call or email until Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll be less likely to lose track. Remember, I do need to be kept informed about what is happening in the parish, and I do appreciate your contributions to the Updates.  

No meetings in June other than the Care Team meeting which is scheduled for next Monday, June 8th at 11am.  

We have only just heard that former faithful parishioner Bill Burton passed away over a year ago.      

Please pray for healing for David R, Bill E, Fred H, Trefor W and others in the parish who need our prayers that we may not be aware of at this time.      

Courtesy of Jerry F – Memorial Garden in full bloom  

Weather permitting, HUB in the Garden, tomorrow/Wednesday at noon for ½ hour. Bring your own thermos of coffee and your own lawn chair and meet in the Memorial Garden.       

A few changes to June birthday’s and anniversaries list.  Add a birthday for Camyl V on June 20.  And anniversaries for Evelyne & Ron G June 7, and Arlene & John O’B June 20.      

Chuckle of the day!          

Joy for your day
And blessings on your way,

Yours in Christ,