Selinde’s back, tanned and happy and ready to celebrate with this community on Sunday.          

The Tumaini Fundraiser (aka Bottle Drive/Yard Sale) last Saturday was very successful – thank you to everyone who participated and supported the orphans in Kagera, Tanzania!!          

Cindy Corrigan was ordained as a transitional Deacon this past Wednesday!  Check out the photo of her in her new clergy get up on the bulletin board in the hall and please sign the card for her on Sunday.  She will be back on the Island and at St. Mary’s mid-September.          

Remember to pick up your August calendar on Sunday. Due to holidays, there is no financial report this month. But we will get you an update before the month is out. Thank you for your patience!        

There will be no HUB lunches or Hymn Sing during AugustBible Study, however, will continue through the summer at the regular time, 10:30am, for those who are interested.  Trefor will lead.      

The Parish Directory is almost done!! Plan to pick yours up on Sunday, August 5th. A donation of $7.50 towards the printing costs would be greatly appreciated!

A gentle reminder to complete the Legacy of Love forms.  Don’t put it off too long!        

For August 5th, we need someone to read the psalm and do Prayers of the People. If you can help out, please sign the board outside Selinde’s office or give Kat a call. Thank you!

If you are interested in viewing the Parish Council minutes and the financial statements, they are always posted on the board outside Selinde’s office. 

Prayer Circle – If you have a prayer request, please contact the office forwarding information for the prayer circle.  You can also contact Selinde if you would like to serve on the Prayer Circle as someone who is willing to pray for those requesting prayer. 

MUSIC SUGGESTION BEAR – Do you have a hymn you would love to have sung in church on a Sunday? Drop your recommendation in the Music Suggestion Bear on Margaret’s piano. If it’s not in our Common Praise hymn book, please either leave your name or the music on your suggestion card. The Music Team will do their best to incorporate your choice into the liturgy. We can’t promise, but we’ll do our best! Thank you.  

Memorial Garden -  If you are interested in purchasing a plot,  please contact the office for information.