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Dear Friends,

One year, after retiring, we spent some winter months in the S. California desert - which is winter golf heaven for those of us who like that sort of thing. In recent years water has become more scarce than ever in those parts, due to drought, so golf courses have had to limit their use of this precious resource. With GPS mapping and high-tech irrigation they are able to apply water precisely to only those parts which need to be green, and leave the rest to brown out, resulting in very well defined green and brown areas. That means there’s a high priority on trying to keep one’s ball on the fairway!

I hope you’ll excuse the golf analogy. We have now crossed over from brown rough to green fairway. From desert to fertile land. From Lent and Holy Week into the light and joy of Easter! This means we have no business feeling weighed down by the burdens of worry and fear for the future. We do not deny that we face challenges, both in our personal lives and in the life of our parish - indeed, in the world too. And we certainly do not ignore them. However they should appear to us as surmountable in God’s grace, in light of the Resurrection.

As I said last Sunday, resurrection does not mean resuscitation - it does not mean we are back to where we were before. Resurrection means transformation to life lived differently, and expectantly, knowing that the risen Christ is with us, in us, and in our future. 

We are on the green grass, which makes the next shot so much more comfortable!

A happy and blessed Easter to all.


You are invited to celebrate with us as Bishop Anna confirms seven candidates from across the diocese at this special milestone event held at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria. Clergy are invited to vest and process.  Everyone is welcome. If you are considering confirmation, you are encouraged to attend.  Click on this link for more information.  


The Altar Guild is looking for new members. We set the altar for all church services. This service also requires caring for the linens, polishing some of the silver and brass, and a little dusting and cleaning around the altar. Most of these are light tasks and can be done at any time during your day. We also work together with the flower guild for special celebrations: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings and funerals. If this ministry interests you, please contact Marrianna W.  

We are also looking for more Readers, Sidespeople and Sunday Coffee helpers.  Look for more details next week.  

Many, many thanks to those who have already offered to read; however the Reader's roster is empty at the moment, so please remember to fill in the new roster at the entrance to the church.