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This Sunday we celebrate the first Sunday in Advent! The Christmas season will officially begin!

Please find a letter re: the Christmas Fair to you from the 3 Organizing Amigas at the bottom of these NOTICES.

KAT is off on holidays starting this week (end of the day Wednesday) until December 18th. Selinde will try to fill her shoes but will need your understanding and support.  FYI - Selinde generally works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Have a great break, KAT!!

Come Alongside:  How to be a good friend to someone who is grieving. A presentation by counsellor Deb Ribeyre who specializes in grief, loss and bereavement. Learn how to support your friend or loved one in a way that is compassionate, respectful and caring. Monday, December 3, 2018, 1:00 – 2:30pm.  Everyone is welcome. By donation

We have chosen a movie for Movie Monday, which, because of the Christmas Fair was pushed ahead to Monday, December 3rd. Come at 4pm to enjoy the movie “The Nativity,” a fresh look at an old story. Popcorn and comfy seats!

Wednesday, Dec. 5th from 1-5pm, Tumaini will be holding their Christmas Party in the Hall.  

Dear Parish Family, Another amazing day working with amazing people. The totals for the fair are still not in as yet but it looks to be about $8,000.00. All the hard work done by so many people has paid off financially but more importantly, the connections and interactions between both congregation and community are priceless. Not often do we get to interact with the people with whom we sit in the pews other than during the peace and at coffee which are both brief and on the surface. Saturday gave us a chance to chat, to connect on many levels and to truly appreciate each other. Just as an aside, Greg had spent Friday making fruit breads for the Fair. A lady from the community bought one and came back to say it was the best she had ever had. What a gift she gave...her time and motivation to return with her compliment when she could have just as easily not done so. Acts that are so meaningful and unexpected are just part of the "magic" of the day. Magic seems to be something we think of as being  smoke and mirrors. Maybe another way to see this is like gifts brought from afar that are unexpected and treasured as coming from the Magi perhaps?   As I have said before, thank you is such a oft used word and it does always convey the heartfelt appreciation that is intended. From the three amigas to everyone that worked long and hard to make the day a success, to the bakers, buyers, furniture movers, dish washers, floor sweepers, crafts people, the volunteers who came to help, to the table heads and those who supported them and for those who prayed for all of us, you pulled together as a team that is nothing short of amazing. From Marrianna, Rita and Sue, We have felt blessed and in return we wish you every blessing and our thanks.