From the Rector's Desk

“Oh, the Weather outside is frightful…” has anyone else been singing that this week as we watch the threat of snow in the weather forecasts? Just when we thought we were done with Christmas Songs – all those songs with themes of snow seem to be surfacing once again as we prepare for our own winter wonderland on the Island. I know that for many of us snow is one of those 4-letter words that no one wants to hear… however it looks like it may be part of our vocabulary in the next few days or so.  

When living on Vancouver Island, snowy days are some of those rare times when life slows down and sometimes we are forced to stop all together.  It can be a time when we reflect on the wonder of God in creation in a way we simply don’t experience very often here. However, I realize snow isn’t for everyone and sometimes it can be downright annoying as travel becomes harder and plans sometimes need to be cancelled for the safety of all involved. So as those white little flakes fall from the sky this week, I  invite you to find joy in it.  After all, if you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy but the exact same amount of snow!!

So let us seek moments of beauty in the weather before us, seeing the wonder of God in ice crystals and frost formations. Focus on the joy snow brings to those young of heart and be safe on slippery days – staying warm and inside when needed. With that in mind, I want to remind you that if the weather turns treacherous on Sunday, please check your email before coming to church. If we decide it is simply too unsafe to gather, KAT will send out an email by 9am, so be sure to check online if you are unsure.  And always err on the side of safety, because you always have a choice when it snows… you can shovel the snow or make snow angels!  So make the best choice for you even if we gather, and know that God is with you even in the beauty of the glistening snow.

Stay Safe, friends!

Kirsten +



This is a lively discussion on the upcoming Sunday readings.   All are most welcome! 


          2024 FLOWER DONATIONS

For those who wish to make donations towards flowers on specific Sundays, there is a new sheet to fill out, which can be found outside Kirsten’s office on the bulletin board.  Check it out!


The 2024 Church giving envelopes are ready for pickup at the back of the church.

We are finding quite a few sets of envelopes left over every year and they are not cheap!   If you no longer require them, please let Malcolm know.  Just a regular envelope can be used with your offering number. If you don’t know it, call KAT.  You can always sign up for the electronic plate PAR program too.  We must order a whole year in advance, so if not picked up this year, they will not be reordered.  If you have any questions, please call Kirsten or KAT.



We are gathering all the material and preparing the yearly report for your review.  You will be emailed the report by February 4.  Lunch details TBD.



Thank you to everyone for supporting the Christmas Elf Program by sponsoring a family or individual(s), for taking a tree tag, giving a gift or by making a monetary donation.  We are very grateful to our Elf Christmas Tree hosts around which so much of our Program revolves.  The thoughtfulness of those who dropped off chocolates and homemade treats for the workshop Elves, we thank you!

On the day when the gifts are distributed, my fellow Elves and I get to see and hear the expressions of joy and gratitude for your gifts.  We feel such pride to be a part of this community.  The families and individuals who receive your lovely gifts were simply amazed that complete strangers would be so thoughtful and giving.  We have received thank you notes and cards expressing their gratitude and here are a few quotes:

Single Mom - You will never know the joy this community brought to our home at Christmas time

Senior Lady - Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and for so many other people!

Senior Gentleman - I am so very grateful (tears in his eyes)

Single Mom - Our Christmas was over-the-top perfect.

Cheers from all the Elves!

- Geraldine Taron, Chief Elf





WOMEN’S RETREAT – APRIL 19 - 21, 2024 at Camp Pringle, Shawnigan Lake


The registration form for this retreat (also available on the Anglican Church web site under Diocesan News) is attached below.   Deadline is April 2, 2024.  As we expect a large number of  registrations, please note that single rooms are limited and we hope most participants will be willing to share.  You are advised to check availability first before sending your form with payment. 

Please complete the form and mail to: B. Dhaene – 2291 Calais Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5V2


Consecration of Bishop Elect Clara Plamondon

Group Zoom Viewing - Thursday, January 25, 2024

Bishop Elect Clara Plamondon will be consecrated as Bishop of The Territory of the People on Thursday January 25th, 2024 at 2p.m. The Synod Office is hosting a zoom viewing party for anyone who would like to join to watch the service livestreamed from Kamloops.

If you would like to join the zoom party please register by CLICKING HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the Bishop’s discretionary fund or to help purchase robes for Clara (Attire fund) that would be greatly appreciated and can be done several ways.

Cheques can be sent to: 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2P5

E Transfer –

Or online via Canada helps : Canada Helps

Please make sure to indicate where you would like the donation to go.