From the Rector's Desk

"You shall love the Lord your God … and your neighbour as yourself” (Luke 10:27).  This is the theme of this year's Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which begins on Thursday, January 18th.  This is an annual event where churches from all over the world devote time and talents and prayer to the work of unifying the body of Christ.  This is a week of ecumenical celebration and prayer around the globe, as Christians of many denominations, languages and cultures commit to reflect on scripture and hold the church universal in prayer. 

The words 'to love God and love others' are familiar to us, but sometimes we forget that Love is the very ‘DNA’ of our Christian faith.  God is Love, a love that permeates through the fiber of our beings and pulses as the life force of creation. God is love that was shown us through Jesus.  And this coming week, we are invited to reflect on how the love of Christ has gathered us into one body as church around the world.  We find our common identity in the experience of God’s love and reveal that identity to the world by how we love one another. 

The theme for Christian unity this year also invites us to look at the idea of our neighbours, and how do we as unified Christians live out the love of God in our communities.  And so I wonder, who are our neighbours at St. Mary's? Who are the people in our community who need to see, know and feel the love of God that is revealed through each one of us?  So as we hunker down on this snowy day, I invite you to take some time to ponder these questions: who are our neighbours? How do we respond to them and how might we extend the love of Christ even further. 

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Kirsten +


Rev. Kirsten will be out of office on Tuesday January 23rd as she will be attending a Clergy Study Day at Hope Lutheran Church in Nanaimo as the Diocesen event for The week of Christian Unity. This will be an ecumenical conversation between our Lutheran and Anglican siblings about how we can be one body as Christians on Vancouver Island.



We are gathering all the material and preparing the yearly report for your review.  You will be emailed the report by February 4.  Lunch details TBD.


 A call for anyone interested in serving on Parish Council, or acting as a Synod Delegate this year: please speak to Jean, Mary or Rev. Kirsten.



As we get ever closer to the AVM, there are several opportunities coming up for ways to serve our community of faith.  As we have heard from Jean, we are always looking for folks to come on board as Readers, Chalice bearers or to lead the Prayers of the People.   We are also looking for anyone who might be interested in serving on Parish Council this year, assisting in the decisions and regular running of the parish thoroughout the year. This year will also be a Synod year, a time when clergy and delegates from across the Diocese gather to make big decisions about the future of our church on these Islands and Inlets - so we will be looking for Synod Delegates to represent St. Mary's in Victoria in the fall, as well as a few alternates to have on hand.  

We also are in desperate need of a few folks to film our Sunday service. This is a very simple job but an important ministry as it keeps our folks connected when they are unable to be with us in person.  If you can take a photo with your cell phone, you can film the service - and Elaine, Cristopher, KAT or Rev. Kirsten will be happy to assist and teach you how to use the equipment on site.  If any of these positions are of interest, please speak to Jean, a member of Council, or Rev. Kirsten for more information. 

Scam emails have been running rampant again this season, so please be on alert and if anything comes to you that seems a little out of the ordinary, please do not respond.  Remember that no-one from the church - Rev. Kirsten, Council Members, Treasurer etc., -  will ever ask for money, e-transfers or gift cards of any sort.  If you are concerned about something you receive, please reach out to the office or Rev. Kirsten to discuss it.  It is so important that we are diligent, especially at this time of year.



WOMEN’S RETREAT – APRIL 19 - 21, 2024 at Camp Pringle, Shawnigan Lake


The registration form for this retreat (also available on the Anglican Church web site under Diocesan News) is attached below.   Deadline is April 2, 2024.  As we expect a large number of  registrations, please note that single rooms are limited and we hope most participants will be willing to share.  You are advised to check availability first before sending your form with payment. 

Please complete the form and mail to: B. Dhaene – 2291 Calais Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5V2


Consecration of Bishop Elect Clara Plamondon

Group Zoom Viewing - Thursday, January 25, 2024

Bishop Elect Clara Plamondon will be consecrated as Bishop of The Territory of the People on Thursday January 25th, 2024 at 2p.m. The Synod Office is hosting a zoom viewing party for anyone who would like to join to watch the service livestreamed from Kamloops.

If you would like to join the zoom party please register by CLICKING HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the Bishop’s discretionary fund or to help purchase robes for Clara (Attire fund) that would be greatly appreciated and can be done several ways.

Cheques can be sent to: 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2P5

E Transfer –

Or online via Canada helps : Canada Helps

Please make sure to indicate where you would like the donation to go.