From the Rector's Desk

 Happy New Year, everyone!  I sincerely hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with those you love and are still celebrating for a few more days.  In the church we find ourselves on the 11th Day of the Christmas Season and on the verge of Epiphany.  The word Epiphany, used for this period of time between Christmas and Lent, comes from the Greek work epiphaneia and means “manifestation” or “appearance.”  The season begins with the Wise Men, or Magi.  We know little about the Wise Men except that they came from the East and were most likely astrologers, well-educated and gentile, from outside the realm of Judea.  So it makes good sense as the Magi come to the Christ child after the appearance of a star brighter than they have ever seen – and they know this is something worth investigating.  The Magi come bearing gifts for the Christ Child, for the new-born king that has appeared in the world.

This is fitting for us too, as this season is a time we have seen the Christ Child appear in the world and now we begin to really see God made manifest through the person of Jesus the Christ.  As we move through this season together, we welcome the many ways that we are shown the glory of God dwelling among us. Let us be like the Magi: seeking the bright light in the world, bringing the gifts of ourselves to the work before us, so that we too might come to know God revealed in us, within us, and through us as we encounter the glory of Christ together.  



A few months ago, it came to the attention of Parish Council that the code in the key box to the main entrance of the hall has never been changed.  This meant that as a community we had no idea who could access our buildings, as folks from 20 years ago still had that code and could come in whenever they wanted. 

Council decided that it was time to change this and over the Christmas break, St. Mary’s has undergone a security update in the church hall.  We now have a new coded locking system for the main entrance door and each rental group and all St. Mary’s groups will have their own door access code.  We can delete and change as needed to ensure that our building is as safe as possible.  All of St. Mary’s groups will have only one code.  KAT will be sending out the code to those in the church who access the hall for coffee set up, flowers, etc., next week OR if you find yourself needing the code to get in please let the office know and we will be happy to share it.  

At present the old key box has been moved to the NCS door and still has the same code as before until we can either fix the key box or order a new one, as currently we cannot change that code.  So you always enter through there.

While it may seem cumbersome and a bit of an inconvenience, our hope in this is that we will keep our premises more secure and have a better idea of who can access our spaces - for liability, safety, and safe church purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.



The Christmas garlands and decorations will be taken down after the service this coming Sunday. Many hands make light work! 


          2024 FLOWER DONATIONS

For those who wish to make donations towards flowers on specific Sundays, there is a new sheet to fill out, which can be found outside Kirsten’s office on the bulletin board.  Check it out!


The 2024 Church giving envelopes are ready for pickup at the back of the church.

We are finding quite a few sets of envelopes left over every year and they are not cheap!   If you no longer require them, please let Malcolm know.  Just a regular envelope can be used with your offering number. If you don’t know it, call KAT.  You can always sign up for the electronic plate PAR program too.  We must order a whole year in advance, so if not picked up this year, they will not be reordered.  If you have any questions, please call Kirsten or KAT.




WOMEN’S RETREAT – APRIL 19 - 21, 2024 at Camp Pringle at Shawnigan Lake


The registration form (also available on the Anglican Church web site, under Diocesan News) for this retreat is attached below.   Deadline is April 2, 2024.  As we expect a large number of  registrations, please note that single rooms are limited and we hope most participants will be willing to share.  You are advised to check availability first before sending your form with payment. 

Please complete the form and mail to: B. Dhaene – 2291 Calais Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5V2

Faith Tides: January 2024 Issue

Faith Tides is the official publication of the Anglican diocese of Islands and Inlets. It is a space where people of faith and doubt can share their stories, challenge their perceptions, and grow together.

In this issue: “That all children of God live in safety” by Bishop Anna; The executive; My New Year’s resolution? “I am loved”; and more!

 For more information visit: or click HERE.