From the Rector's Desk

Hello Everyone!! 

It is so good to be back in the office after my time away. Cris and I had a wonderful time of museums, hiking, airplanes (you can ask Cris about that part) and more bones than I have ever seen in one place! Growing up on the Island I always wanted to go see the dinosaurs in Alberta but truly was not prepared for what awaited me there. Now that I have experienced it for myself, the 'badlands' seem to be such a misnomer to me, as the landscape was truly breathtaking! We saw many wondrous landscapes but throughout our hikes in Horseshoe and Horsethief Canyon,  I couldn't help but stop and look around in awe and wonder at the marvel of God's hand in creation. Layers upon layers of rock and sediment, thousands of years of God's history in creation - such a humbling experience. 

I couldn't help but think of the words of Psalms 104 in those moments... standing in the floor of a canyon or at the foot of a T-Rex... “O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom have you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” God's fingerprint is all around us, in every aspect of our landscapes to the very bones of all that God has made. I am so thankful to be able to look at the world and see The Holy One at work through time and look with hope and anticipation for what God is unfolding for our future. 

The Psalms invite us to stand in awe and praise God for the many and varied wonders in creation. So as we go about our summer plans, may we all take time marvel not only at the gentle beauty of God’s creation — flowing streams and singing birds — but also the harsh landscapes and ancient bones that also speak to the wonder of our past. 

Blessings as we all settle into the summer months,

Kirsten +



Quite often, those who purchase supplies for the Church generously donate the purchase costs. For those who do this, it would be appreciated, when requesting payment for reimbursement and then donating the cost via personal cheque or cash, if you could add the words “donation in kind” to the requisition for payment. This eliminates the need to have the Church issue a cheque, deposit the Parishioner’s donation for same, and track the cashed cheque and subsequent deposit. So the process is the same, except that the words “donation in kind” are written on the requisition for payment form. The donation will be given to the Envelope Recording Person to add to the individual’s year-end total tax receipts. Please contact KAT directly if you require further explanation.



Actual sale total                                                                          $4801.01

Post-event Facebook Marketplace sales                335.00
TOTAL                                                                                     $5,135.01

There was also a $116.28 expense for food but this was generously donated back to the Church. Heartfelt thank-yous to all the volunteers making this possible and to all who purchased new treasures.  A great effort towards bringing down St. Mary’s deficit.


A little bird told us that Carol and Ed K’s 60th Anniversary is July 18. It was missed in the Sunday announcements.  KAT sends her apologies.



ALL DECKED OUT  IN RED & WHITE to celebrate Canada Day at St. Mary's

Thank you to Elaine Cowan for providing a lovely Canada Day cake!




We are CHANGING LIVES in Africa for girls and young women. Two boxes (100 hygiene kits) were mailed last month  and we are preparing for another shipment in September.  The hygiene items are bagged in a Ziploc and placed into bright colorful bags for easy carrying and storage. The items are all sewn by the Tumaini volunteers.   THANK YOU for all you do!