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From the Rector's Desk

As we enter the month of June, the season of spring has truly sprung. It’s the favourite season of many, myself included, but it’s also a time of sneezing and watering eyes for those with allergies. Spring allergens such as pollen trigger an over-reaction in their bodies, which release excessive amounts of histamines, affecting the eyes, nose, throat and skin. Thankfully those symptoms can be mostly controlled with the use of anti-histamines.  The person or people who invented those wonder substances are among my greatest heroes!

Over-reaction is a common trait of humans, not only with physical allergies, but also in mind and spirit.  Each of us has our own set of triggers which set us off – maybe the critical word of a mate, or friend or relative;  or perhaps an article in the newspaper, or something said or done by a personality we love to hate.  Irritation, anger, fear, cynicism…. these are some of the non-tangible histamines which get us going and, if not treated, leave us metaphorically wheezing, sneezing, or just downright miserable. But here’s the rub – the adverse feeling is in us, not in them, so no matter how out of sorts we become due to the actions or words of another, our allergic reaction harms no one else but ourselves!

I think one of the causes of our over reactions is that we often fall victim to the syndrome of polarized thinking – living in a black and white mental world where, on most issues, we instinctively gravitate to one extreme or another.  In most social controversies or political debates, it’s actually easier to be at a polar point.  It takes less mental energy to simply adopt a firm point of view and dismiss those who sit at the other end of the spectrum.

In Galatians 5:22 the apostle St. Paul gave this advice to his flock:  “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”  It seems to me this is a wonderful antihistamine for those moments in which we are trapped by the allergens of black and white thinking. When we are able to think generously, kindly, patiently etc. about those with whom we disagree, we begin to see different shades of grey rather than black and white.  When we assume good intentions in those whose ideas we oppose, we are freed to recognize and incorporate into our own thinking the things that are good about theirs.  We may even find common ground.  When we are able to control our over-reactions and outbursts, we also become more insightful and intelligible to those who would oppose us.

Whatever the issue (.…problems in healthcare delivery, municipal development, criminal justice system, military budgets, reproductive care, or more parochial issues….) or whoever the individual is that provokes an allergic reaction in you, try the biblical antihistamine – it really works!

With every blessing,



                  Save these dates...

We are planning three social gatherings after the church service:

Sunday, July 3rd - Canada Day Weekend picnic (bring your own bagged lunch)
Sunday, August 14th - St. Mary Matronal festival ('make your own bunwich' lunch)
Sunday, October 9th - Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch   


  OUR NEW READERS ROSTER needs you again

Please sign up for the NEW roster at the entrance to the church.  Rev. Alan will be doing the bulletins when KAT is away and signing up will make his new duty of finalizing the service bulletins just a little easier.       

We are hoping to hold a CHRISTMAS FAIR in November, the first one in three years!


This will be a fundraiser with the proceeds to be split between the Parish and Ukrainian Refugee support. There will be just four stalls: Bake Table, Cafeteria, Attic Treasures and Silent Auction.  This is dependent on sufficient volunteer help being available. Please let either Rev. Alan, John S or the Church Office know if and how you can help. Thank you!      



Reconciliation program June 13-15 ~ spaces still available ~ 2 days at Bethlehem Centre ~ click to register ~ deadline Monday June 6th                                                 

Check out this link to see upcoming diocesan events.