Note from the Rector

Last Sunday, Indigenous Anglicans from across our vast country came together for the Sacred Circle gathering in Ramara, Ontario.  These important gatherings are akin to a synod of sorts, where Indigenous Anglicans gather for prayer, worship discernment and decision- making.  Hundreds of people, lay and clergy alike gather for these special meetings every two to three years.   

Sacred Circle begins with a sacred fire with prayers for guidance and thanksgiving, and this fire remains burning for the duration of the gathering. This years Sacred Circle saw the installation of the new Indigenous Archbishop - Chris Harper, who was in attendance at our Cathedral for my ordination last September. He is a kind and gentle man, with a hearty laugh and being smudged by Bishop Chris as part of my ordination will be a memorable moment for the remainder of my ministry. This Sacred Circle has also seen the significant moment in the life of the Indigenous Anglican church, where after a series of talking circles discussing various documents, a document was signed signifying a step towards unity of all Indigenous Anglicans through the ratification of the Covenant and Way of Life documents. My dear friend, Rev. Shelia Cook, Priest in Charge in Alert Bay is in attendance and was quoted by the Anglican Journal saying, that "ratifying the Covenant and Our Way of Life means 'we’re living into all of our ancestors who brought us here this day and all of our elders who dreamed that they can live their expression of life in Christ” going back several generations."  

This moment has been a long time coming, and the road ahead for the self-determining Indigenous Anglican church in Canada is a long one. But the events of Sacred Circle these last few days are full of hope for a wonderful and bright future, as they rediscover what church was always meant to be.   

I invite your prayers for the many participants of Sacred Circle as they continue to meet until June 11th before returning to life, work and worship in the many places they call home.   

Kirsten +  

St. Francis Pet Memorial Garden NEWS            

The beautiful new bench (left side of screen)  has been installed.  And it LOOKS FANTABULUSTIC!  A very special thank you to Jennifer B-C and her helpers for the generous donation of the new bench.    


Have you visited recently?  As soon as you step on the path into the garden, the beauty and calm is immediately apparent.  It is truly unique and special to have a place to honour our pet family.  It is also very reasonable!  Contact KAT for more info.  


And a very special thanks to Dave Gemmel of A P Timber Riggers (250- 668-9711) for removing the fallen tree FREE OF CHARGE!  If you need any tree work, please consider him.                 

2023 FUNdraisers at St. Mary’s

June Jumble Sale – Saturday June 10, 2023; 9am-2pm - ONLY 10 MORE SLEEPS!    

Thank you to all who have donated.  We are still taking items until Wed June 7 and baking and plants until Friday or Saturday - please label them.


We have many items . . . everything from soup to nuts!  Tools for the men too.  The ladies continue sorting and pricing items of every description.  There are some really lovely items, including plants.  Come and join us!  For those working, please bring your own lunch; drinks will be supplied.  

St. Mary’s Festival of Music on Sunday June 25th at 6:30pm  

Come and enjoy beautiful music and friendship with Patricia Plumley & Friends.  Details to follow next week.  


           June 2023 issue

In this issue: The future is bright by Bishop Anna; Wind and fire; Beauty, the forgotten name of God; and more!