From the Rector's Desk

Dear Friends,
Last September we adopted a 3 month old “pandemic puppy” and now, as she has reached the grand old age of 9 months (pre-teen in Yorkie dog years) we are occasionally heard to mutter “what were we thinking?” We adore Trixie and are thankful for the joy she has brought into our home, but there are other moments…!

I wonder if there have been “what was I thinking” moments for you during the past two virus-stained years. I think we can give ourselves a break and forgive ourselves for any indulgences or mistakes made during this unparalleled, stress-filled time when we maybe didn’t know any better. After all it’s not often that pandemics come along and shake up life as we know it, such as COVID-19 has done. 

But what about the other moments when we did know better?  Especially those times when we have knowingly “strayed from God’s ways like lost sheep” as the Book of Common Prayer puts it. Lent is a time for us to ponder those times. One might say it’s a time for a spiritual health checkup.  If you “google” that, the internet will provide a variety of resources, but at the very root of that idea of a health checkup are some basic questions. Here are a few I’d suggest you think about.

1. How is my prayer life?  Am I taking time regularly to be quiet, really quiet, emptying the mind of all thoughts and resting in the presence of the Spirit?

2. Am I reading and watching healthy material? Am I reading scripture and/or inspirational literature (speak to Trefor, he’s always happy to recommend a good book! and has placed a few on a table in the church)

3. How are my relationships? Am I a Christlike presence to those closest to me, to my neighbours, friends, colleagues, and the person behind the till at the store?

4. How much am I sharing what I have with those who have less. How well am I supporting local community needs (including my church) and those further afield?

That’s a short list and you may make your own. The point is there are situations and decisions which we may understandably not always get right, but there are also those times when we knowingly “err and stray from God’s ways” and the invitation is to name those times and in God’s love and grace, get back on track.

With every blessing,

Bishop's pastoral letter re: COVID-19 update

Anglican Diocese of British Columbia Friends;
In a news conference on March 10, provincial government leaders including the premier, health minister and provincial health officer announced a timeline for easing of provincial pandemic restrictions. The full details can be found at Enclosed please find the updated diocesan guidance and protocols related to the same.

With the provincial transition to a long-term COVID-19 management strategy, and in consultation with the diocesan COVID-19 task force, we are now in a position to further lift some of our restrictions for church-related events, including worship, social gatherings and meetings.

The highlights of these changes include:        

- A recommendation to continue wearing masks during worship. 
- Current eucharistic guidelines remain until Maundy Thursday (April 14).
- Proof of vaccination requirements lift April 8.   
- Return to shared meals and receptions after April 8.     
- Long-term care visitation now permitted.

As we move forward together, we continue to err on the side of caution, upholding our commitment to protecting the most vulnerable amongst us. I am aware that this may, to some seem overly restrictive. I ask that you continue with patience and compassion as each of us grows comfortable with the changes in the coming weeks and months, recognizing that these changes raise anxiety for those for whom the risks remain high.

In Easter hope,     


What this means for St. Mary’s: 

  1. All seating and capacity restrictions are lifted immediately (sit where you like!)
  2. Until further notice we continue to ask that those attending services are double vaccinated 
  3. Masking is not required but strongly recommended until the next update in April 
  4. Communion practices will continue unchanged until next update in April hymns will resume on Palm Sunday (April 10th) with an unmasked choir but the congregation is asked to sing behind masks for a little longer
  5. Coffee in the hall after services will also resume on Palm Sunday (April 10th)

We are planning a simple meal in the hall for Maundy Thursday.       


Every Wednesday is BIBLE STUDY at 10:30 in the library. Please join us.    


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  The Rt. Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee will be in attendance on April 14.  Stay tuned for further details.        

Many, many thanks for those who signed up.  We still have a few prime spots left…. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  See the roster at the entrance of the church.