Note from the Rector  

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” Perhaps these words are familiar to you – but if not these are the words of the Holy Hermit, Julian of Norwich (1342- c.1429), whose feast day was May 8th.

Julian is well known around the world for her divine visions that came to her as she was in a state near death after contracting the Black Plague in her early 30’s.  After recovering and receiving this series of visions she wrote a text called “Revelations of Divine Love,” and became an anchoress in a small enclosed cell at the church of St. Julian in Norwich – where she then took on the name.  

While the life of contemplation and prayer in a 100 sqft cell is not for everyone, Julian became a spiritual counselor through her time in seclusion via a window to her cell to the street.  People came from many miles to seek her prayer and guidance during this time.  She also had a window into the church where she could attend mass and receive Eucharist and where a servant brought her food.  Her one constant companion was a cat who helped keep vermin away. As such, Julian is often seen as the patron saint of contemplatives and of cats!  

The life and works of Julian of Norwich truly are fascinating, especially when read in context with the times they were written.  And today, her voice and writings remind us that even when our voice is not one that is wanting to be heard, when God calls to us we are to listen and respond.  Julian was not afraid to speak out as a woman about her experience with God at a time when women were not allowed a voice.  She then used this voice to speak justice and peace during a really challenging period in our history.  

May we be like Julian, living a life of prayer (even if not in a cell) but listening for God speaking to us in all sorts of ways and guiding us towards truth and justice.  As Julian shows us it is through a life of prayer and action, that can we come to a place where ‘all manner of things shall be well’ in the world.  

Kirsten +

Kirsten is away from the Office on Medical leave from May 15 to 26th

Kirsten will be out of the office and Rev. Alan Naylor will be doing the service Sunday May 21 and available for pastoral emergencies.   

Bible Study for Wednesdays May 17 and 24  is cancelled.  

     APRIL 2023

Total Income      $13,577
Total Expense     $12,529
Net Income         $  1,048  

Year-to-date Net Loss (January-April) is $ -2,859  


A flower donation is a lovely way to celebrate special occasions or remember someone. A sign-up sheet is located in the hall on the wall by the Sunday coffee station.    

2023 FUNdraisers at St. Mary’s

June Jumble Sale – Saturday June 10, 2023; 9am-2pm

The June Jumble Sale is fast approaching!  We are looking for the following:

  • smaller pieces of furniture (NO beds or couches) -please keep until closer to the sale as storage at St. Mary’s is very limited
  • plants and/or seedlings
  • household items
  • toys/books
  • tools
  • clothing

Please bring your items to the hall during office hours and place either in the storage room or at the back of the hall. Posters are now available for distribution. There will be a volunteer sign-up sheet in the hall on Sunday.

Christmas Fair - Saturday November 18, 2023

While we prepare for the June Jumble Sale, please remember our annual St. Mary's Christmas Fair, which will be held on Saturday, November 18th. Preparations are already under way for this popular and festive occasion but we need many hands to ensure another success story. Sign-up sheets are in the hall and all you need to become part of the team is enthusiasm and a willing heart. For more information, please speak to Rita G.