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Note from the Rector

Growing up in Ladysmith, the Christmas season always began on the last Thursday of November when Santa arrived on the Royal Bank, flipped the switch and the whole town lit up with thousands upon thousands of lights. In some ways I think this probably sparked my love of the Advent Season, long before I actually knew anything about Advent.   

Advent is the time in our liturgical year when we prepare ourselves, our hearts and our communities for the coming of the Christ child. The origin of the word Advent stems from the Latin word adventus, which in the most simple translation means coming or arrival. This time of year is filled with a rich history of beautiful tradition that as a community of faith we observe as we prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas.  It is a time of building up, building towards good news and tidings of great joy.  

Celebrating Advent often involves a season of prayer coupled with anticipation, hope and joy.  Within the church, we decorate the church and light candles around a wreath, adding another element, another candle each week as we build the anticipation towards Christmas eve.  We sing hymns that speak to the longing of the world for the coming of the Messiah and we recount our sacred history through scripture reminding ourselves of where we have been and who we are called to be.   

This year our Advent journey begins this Sunday, November 27th.  We will gather to sing and light candles once again and begin the journey of Advent together.

As a reminder, there is an Advent devotional available to you in the church office, offered through Living Compass as a way to personally journey through the season.  You can also access the booklet online at  This year’s theme is Practising Simplicity with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind.  There is also a series of mediations for Advent being offered online as an ecumenical venture through the Anglican Church of Canada; more info and registration can be found HERE .    

So let us embark on this journey, walking gently with one another towards the manager, as we begin to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of the Christ child in these joyous weeks before Christmas.   

Prayers and Peace, 


Christmas Fair - THIS SATURDAY!   

In just a few short days, our doors will open to the community as we invite people to begin their holiday shopping at our Christmas Fair!

Just a few reminders as last-minute preparations take place: 

  • Baking can be brought in to Pat and her team on Thursday and Friday afternoon 
  • Those who are serving or working the Cafe, be sure to connect with Marty if there are any questions or concerns. 
  • Doors are open from 9:30am until 2pm - so if you are not helping out, be sure to stop in and check out what is available! 
  • Those who are working the Fair - while each team coordinator might have instructions for time of arrival etc., we will gather as a group at 9am for final check-in and a time of prayer before we open our doors. 

Thank you to all who have worked so hard at making this Christmas Fair the wonderful event it will be!  From those who have contributed baked goods, donated items for sale or auction, put up signs around the community, to those who are coordinating the teams - THANK YOU ALL!  


The Diocese will be changing the process for electronic plate collection (EPC) early in the new year. Our financial committee is working out all the details to roll out this new program and more information will be given in the coming weeks.  So stay tuned!  



1st Advent - November 27, 2022 Isaiah 2:1-5              
Psalm 122                
Romans 13:11-14               
Matthew 24:36-44  

2nd Advent Lessons and Carols – December 4, 2022
Genesis 1, 2: 1-3,
Genesis 3:1-20,
Jeremiah 23:5-8,
Isaiah 11:1-10,
Isaiah 65:17-25,
Isaiah 9: 1-6,
Luke 1:5-23,
Luke 1:26-38,
Luke 1: 39-56   

3rd Advent – December 11, 2022
Isaiah 35:1-10                      
Psalm 146:4-9                     
James 5:7-10                       
Matthew 11:2-11  

4th Advent – December 18, 2022
Isaiah 7:10-16                      
Psalm 80:17, 16-18            
Romans 1:1-7                      
Matthew 1:18-25  


Christmas Eve - December 24, 2022
Isaiah 9:2-7                          
Psalm 96                              
Titus 2:11-14                        
Luke 2:1-14  

Christmas Day – December 25, 2022
Isaiah 52:7-10                      
Psalm 98                              
Hebrews 1:1-4                     
John 1:1-14  



Dec. 1st         Mattieu C
Dec. 4th        Shirley G
Dec. 13th      Anne Marie H
Dec. 18th      Al H
Dec. 29th      Maria S


Dec. 6th        Marg and Ray D
Dec. 29th      George and Marrianna W  

  NCS Christmas Elf Tree

The Christmas Elf Tree is set up and adorned with “gift wish” tags again this year.  Donors can pick a tag, buy a gift and return it to the tree or to the office in our hall. This special gift will bring great joy to a neighbour’s child or a senior in our community.