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Note from the Rector

My friends, Did anyone else notice the frost this morning? Perhaps it is just me, but when I woke up this morning to head from home into the office at the church, there was frost EVERYWHERE! I suppose being November I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but somehow it really struck me as a noticeable change. I sat in my living room with a cup of coffee before leaving and watched as the sun shone on tiny glittering crystals on my deck, and wisps of steam rose gently as the ice melted and evaporated in the morning sunbeams. It makes me realize that sometimes change can happen in the blink of an eye. We go about our lives – working and serving and volunteering and being with family etc… and almost imperceptibly change happens unnoticed around us. But eventually it catches up to us, and suddenly we turn around and nothing is the same, the seasons have marched on without us and we are needing to pull out our sweaters and boots, to start thinking about Advent and Christmas Seasons, to look ahead to where God is calling us in the new year. Change can be uncomfortable and leave us feeling uncertain, but change can also hold within it beauty and wonder and delight as things unfold in ways we may never have imagined possible.  

So as we move forward, changing gears a little with our Christmas Fair, changing seasons as fall truly descends, changing times as we turn our clocks back this weekend, and embracing the changes that will inevitably come as we continue our common life together as the people at St. Mary’s … I invite you to read these words, penned this morning after my time of prayer – as we continue to seek out Holy moments, moments where the breath of God is seen and heard and felt, moments where God may be hiding behind clouds waiting to be discovered.  

Cold hard beauty covers the world
In tiny delicate crystals
Frosted grass gives way
Under my feet with a crunch.
Breath escapes into the frosty air
Swirling clouds surround
Dance and dissipate;
A gentle reminder
Of things often unseen.
The sun emerges
Peeking through
Clouds of gray and white
Another reminder
Of what is always there
Yet goes unseen.
The breath of Holy mystery
The Son who’s always there
The Creator of frosty mornings
Offers us reminders
Of what is unseen
Always present
And waiting
To be discovered
In tiny crystals
Of cold hard beauty  

Deep Peace to you,
Kirsten +  



Mark your calendars and tell everyone you know about our Christmas Fair on Saturday, November 26, 2022; 9:30am-2pm

Please remember the deadline for receiving Silent Auction items is Friday 18th November and Saturday 19th November.  

The Christmas Fair is fast approaching and while all is coming along well, we need YOUR help!! There are lots of ways you can get involved to assist us in making our Christmas Fair a wonderful success. From bakers to dishwashers, servers and more, there is a place for everyone to help out.  

Are you a closet baker? Well – Pat could sure use your skills to prepare for the bake table. Some items that sell well are tarts (butter, mincemeat, pecan or almond), cookies (both regular and your Christmas specialties), cakes (fruit cake or cupcakes), fruit pies, quick breads (think banana or lemon, pound cake etc.), your specialty bread or buns, and homemade preserves.  Please label anything containing nuts. Any gluten-free items sell well.  And if you have any questions, please speak to Pat!  

We are also needing some help with the Café – muffins and coffee will be available before the lunch – but we need folks to donate the muffins. We are also needing people to volunteer in the kitchen and to assist with dishwashing and serving. There is a pre-set menu and tickets will be sold for lunch items; however, we are looking for a few folks to help out as cashiers for the Café too!! So if you are able to assist Marty and her team in any of these roles, please speak to her.  

Ministry Opportunity! 

As folks are beginning to plan time away for the winter and beyond, we are needing some new people to step up and assist in various aspects of our Sunday service. The two areas that are really needing some added support are Sidespeople - greeting and ushering on a Sunday, as well as Readers to read and offer Prayers of the People. Please give it some prayerful consideration and if you have any questions or would like more information speak to Rev. Kirsten as she would be happy to advise or answer questions.   

Masking Update

After a discussion at Parish Council last week, it was decided that St. Mary needs to be in line with the Diocesean stance on masking.  Therefore, masks will no longer be required in the church service.  Of course you are welcome to continue wearing them and we encourage to you attend to your well being and the well being of others by staying home if you are unwell, and keeping up-to-date with vaccinations etc... however, masks in church are no longer required. 

   November issue now online 

Faith Tides is the official publication of the Anglican diocese of Islands and Inlets. It is a space where people of faith and doubt can share their stories, challenge their perceptions, and grow together.

In this issue: Empty pews and self-emptying by Bishop Anna; Remembering nature as the place of God; Under the orange roof: of raccoons and reconciliation; Finding hope in liminal times at the fall diocesan women's retreat; Addressing parishioner loneliness through gratitude; and more! For more information visit: