We’re into September! How did the summer fly by so quickly! I’m grateful for the continuing good weather so we can enjoy the outdoors at our tiny home. The blackberries are pretty much at an end and when I went to pick up blueberries earlier this week, the only ones to be had were frozen. On the other hand, our tomatoes are finally starting to show signs of colour. They have been hanging there green for such a long time! I’ve harvested our basil and made pesto to freeze. 

This past week we had a small, intimate service for Bill Evans. It was our first during the pandemic and even without singing or a packed church, it was special.

The Care Team meeting is next Monday, September 14th.

Please remember to let KAT know by Thursday afternoon if you plan to come to church on Sunday. So far we haven’t been full to capacity, but we can always hope!! And again, if you forget to sign up, don’t stay away on Sunday. Come down for the service – chances are there will be room for you.

The recent series Living our Vision in Place is now available to watch HERE.    We’ve heard good reviews, so check the videos out.

AN INFORMATION EVENING ON THE ELECTION OF A BISHOP will be held September 10th at 7 pm (tomorrow night).  Archdeacon Clara will be hosting a one-hour information session on Zoom regarding the Episcopal Election tomorrow.  It is primarily for synod delegates and alternates, but all are welcome to join us for the conversation.

It is an opportunity to consider the role of a bishop and the role of a delegate.  We will be discussing the election process and how you can follow along from home. For more information, see the attached file below.

The synod proceedings will be livestreamed from the cathedral beginning at 9am on the diocesan website as well as on Facebook. That livestream is open to the public.


As members of this parish, it’s important that you are kept abreast of our financial state. Thank you to Jennifer Birchall-Creighton for providing the following report. Please note that we are not holding our own in terms of giving. We are in reasonable shape because of grants from the federal government and a generous donation from Frank Hammer when he left Parksville.


St. Mary’s reopened August 16 and we have seen moderate increase in envelope, open offering and birthday box. From the period January 1 - July 30th, the budgeted 2020 Envelope Offering and Open offering has declined by $9530.13. We have also seen a decline in operating expenses. We continue to be challenged by Hall Rentals and Fundraising. Budgeted year to date revenue was $92,627.22 but actual year to date revenue is $83,183.40, a deficit of $13,787.76. However, given that we had an unexpected $5000.00 donation, the Government Wage Subsidy grant, less budgeted expenses, we have been able to post a year to date increase of $4400.92.

I am hopeful that with the Reopening of the Church, we will strengthen our Church Family that will enable us to communicate the commitment required by our Parishioners.

As at July 30th, the actual bank balance is $89,240.74, but after allowing for current liabilities and outstanding cheques of $42,033.37 and $1,820.91 respectively, we have a bank balance of $45,386.49.

Respectfully submitted: Jennifer Birchall-Creighton, Treasurer, September 2020

Some of you have told us that because you aren’t attending church yet, you’ve forgotten about contributing to the life of the community. There are two options to remedy that!  

  1. The Electronic Plate option – sign up to have a consistent amount donated to St. Mary’s from your financial institution every two weeks. That way you never have to think again 'have I contributed this month?'
  2. Your Parish Council invites you to consider making a one-time special “I FORGOT” contribution in thanksgiving for this community that we are all blessed to be part of.

Let’s see if we can bring ourselves back to our budgeted commitment by October 1st. Any amount will help! Thank you.

Your readings for September 13, 2020, the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 14:19-31

Psalm 114

Romans 14:1-12

Matthew 18:21-35