The readings this week are for the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Genesis 29:15-28
Psalm 128
Romans 8:26-39
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Today's sermon is offered by Rev. Bill Tarter, an honorary priest at St. John the Divine in Victoria, a Franciscan monk, and a mentor of Selinde's who graciously agreed to give this Sunday's reflection. We had scheduled Bill to come and offer a Lenten retreat this year but it was cancelled due to COVID19.

To hear Rev. Bill's sermon, please click HERE.

Trefor Williams prepared the Prayers of the People for today.


Dear Lord, show us what heaven is like. We know that it is beyond our understanding, but please give us a glimpse.

We ask for peace on earth, and may that begin with each one of us.
May we share peace and love with each other.

We ask your guidance for those chosen to elect our new Bishop.
We know it is in your hands, may your Holy Spirit be with them.

We pray for the leaders of our parishes, and especially for Selinde our Rector,
and those who guide us through this time of  trial.

We pray for all who suffer, all who are anxious, afraid and do not know what to do,
may each one find peace in your loving presence.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the homeless at this time.

We thank you God our loving Father for all that you give us, our homes, each other, our church,
the beauty we see all around us, and all those things we take for granted.

A Prayer for Understanding:

Jesus of the world, help us to understand as best we can in this time of confusion and uncertainty, of mystery and bafflement, what the purpose of our lives is, how we should respond to its problems, and the presence pf our Father's love in all the tragedies and glories of the human condition. Grant that we may see a little more clearly.  Amen.

Into your Hands O Lord we commit ourselves, and all those we love. Amen.