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April 3, 2021


Dear St. Mary’s friends,

 It’s beginning to look a lot like … Easter!”  I know, Bing Crosby never sang those exact words but in my imagination I heard that crooning voice singing the amended lyrics this week, for a number of reasons.  Signs all around that, no matter how things are, in God’s grace and through faith, there is always a way to redemption and renewed life. 

For example, I found myself humming that tune to myself last week as we put crafts and treats into the mail for our grandchildren, knowing there is hope this is the last time we will miss being with them for a celebration.  And as I did some yard work, I noticed the signs of spring in the blooming daffodils and crocus, and the tiny red flowers opening up on our wild raisin tree which attracts the humming birds.  Renewed life for sure.  And then there is the news that so many folk have received COVID 19 vaccines, and the rest of us will have appointment dates soon, looking forward to the time when we will emerge from our various versions of lockdown and restrictions. 

 Added to these and other signs are the exciting hints about restrictions on church gatherings being eased or lifted - but not yet - for us that will not happen until well after Easter, at a date to be agreed upon between the Health Officer and Diocesan Leaders.  During the pandemic closures our church ministries have continued magnificently, as best they could.  Now, as we contemplate an eventual reopening of our church, I’d like to add my voice to the appeal of our parish leadership for us all to review the level of our givings, especially as our ministries ramp up with renewed vitality.  Would you consider a special Easter gift to give a kickstart to our reopening?

 All of the positive signs and hopeful expectations mentioned above, and many others, put a special spin on our Easter celebration this year.  As we joyfully proclaim Alleluia! Christ is risen, The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!” I do hope and pray that you too will see similar signs all around you, of life renewed, in the sure and certain knowledge of the risen Christ alive and present to us and to our church, through the indwelling of his Holy Spirit. 

 May the joy of this Easter fill you and bless you, and your dear ones, now and always.


Rev. Alan Naylor, Interim Priest