Weeders, Planters and Grounds                      

MANY thanks to Jerry and Julie for cleaning up the main bed to the parking lot, the bed next to the hall, and both beds underneath the butterfly and Clematises. A job well done!                                                                                                  

And our thanks to Heather U for donating the plants for the two planters in the Memorial garden and the little garden on the side.

Harry C and Don N are always around here too.  We appreciate all that you do Harry and Don! Ray and Marg  also regularly maintain our burn pile by the back shed.  Kudos!  Come by and check out our grounds as they are both beautiful and serene.


DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL MUSIC REQUESTS     for hymns or music played in our Sunday Services?  Please email or call KAT at the office with your choices and we will do our very best to incorporate them in upcoming services.      


CAN YOU HELP RAISE OUR ROOF? St. Mary’s would welcome and be very appreciative of any financial donations towards our NEW ROOF.   A charitable receipt will be issued for donations over $20.  Work will begin on June 21.   

       Check out some upcoming events at the Diocese. Click on this link.