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Many thanks to some of our vetch busters!  Shared by Harry Costerton…even though Harry is in one of them!  

Dear St. Mary’s,

The fireplace is on; I’m dressed in winter clothes. The rain is pounding down, creating a drumming background to this very quiet house. Jim has gone to the office to teach his last classes of the year via Zoom. But it’s not winter, when I look outside the garden is verdant (I love the opportunity to use that word!)

For the first time in our lives (since we left California where everything we planted grew like crazy) Jim and I are growing all sorts of herbs and veggies in planters made from old pallets; ready to transfer to the tiny home porch when we move.

Slowly, slowly, we are making progress towards that goal; culling at least 80% of our worldly possessions. What started out as difficult has become increasingly easy as our move date approaches and we simply must make decisions and I just don’t have the stamina to procrastinate.

All the art supplies and piano music I’ve kept for years are going to folks who can use them/enjoy them. I feel badly that they’ve sat in the darkness of tubs for years when their purpose is to facilitate creativity and joy! I’ve been holding them back from fulfilling their purpose. And that doesn’t give me joy! So now that they’ve seen the light of day and have been offered to others, I feel considerably freer – we now have less stuff to “take care of” and at the same time I am contributing to others’ enjoyment.

The trick is going to be – where to take all the stuff we no longer want and no one around us does either? We could fill a good section of a thrift store, and the thrift stores are not open! I acutely feel the burden of “stuff” and am excited what living without a ton of stuff will feel like, what opportunities will open up for us? 

This time of Covid is challenging me – without a house full of stuff, without a datebook full of appointments and engagements, what could life be like? I’m already experiencing the gift of time. No longer do we jealously covet the one or two nights we are alone at home together; the nights of “no plans” keep arriving, and we are free to choose to enjoy a movie, or a long uninterrupted read, or a long conversation with a loved one on the phone, or a spontaneous walk, or…. ???

I’ve been someone who has always kept myself busy. I felt there was something wrong when my date book had white spaces in it. I forged my own future; I didn’t let God lead me very often. So this is a new venture for me.

And I am having all sorts of epiphanies. The biggest one is that my busyness doesn’t mean I am doing God’s will; in fact, I may be acting in direct contravention. My busyness has to do with trying to create my own sense of worth when that, my friends, is a given. I am worthy because I am God’s creation, not because of anything I do, or any titles I may have. My worth is not remotely determined by where I live, what I have, or who I know. So if I really can take that profound truth and gift to heart, I can relax. Deeply relax. And know that I will be given whatever is needed, when it is needed. That allows me to trust the urge to write someone, call someone, pray for someone. Trust the impulse to do something; or simply to sit still.

The lessons from the Divine are always present; ready for the taking and undertaking. It’s my choice to accept and engage. With all this time on our hands, I invite you to take the opportunity to settle more deeply into the knowledge that you are loved, fully and unconditionally. You needn’t make an effort to convince God and others of your worth. It is inherent in your gift of life.

Someone left this prayer on my desk in mid-March. Thank you to that person!

Lord, help me to relax
Take from me the tension that makes peace impossible
Take from me the fears that do not allow me to venture
Take from me the worries that blind my sight
Take from me the distress that hides Your joy
Help me to know that I am with you
That I am in your care
That I am in your love
That you and I are one.                   David Adam  

Just in from Claude, music that ties this whole update together and reminds us that it’s God’s vision, not our vision – it’s God’s vision that will lead us into peace, joy and freedom. Click here.

This was sent by Larry Trush - enjoy your day!   Click on the title The Start of A New Day  

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God bless each one of you today and always,

Yours in the love of Christ,