This Sunday we celebrate Remembrance Day.      

Remember to reserve your seat for the Sunday service with KAT by tomorrow/Thursday at 2pm. We will not gather in the garden this year so you don’t need to dress warmly.  

Those who would like to gather on Remembrance Day, Nov. 11th: we will come together briefly in the Memorial Garden at noon to ring the bell, have a minute of silence and pray.   The regular Wednesday gathering will happen directly after this.  

And more wonderful Pet Memorial Garden exposure for us in the Diocesan Post on page 3. Thank you, Onnig!    Click here to download the Diocesan Post. Or see the page attached below.

Have you ever come across this in scripture?  “Thou shalt wear a mask.” - Hygenesis 20:20

George W. has written to thank all of you for your prayers. His by-pass surgery on Monday went really well and he is happy to be on the mend.

A way to deal with Nuisance Calls. From Val: If you are a TELUS customer, you can reduce unwanted calls by automatically screening out robo-callers.   Log into your TELUS account and click on Call Control; then add the phone numbers and names of people that you want to be able to phone you without the screening. You can have up to 25 numbers on your Call Control list. All other callers that dial your phone number will be asked to press a number in order to be connected to your phone. A robo-call is unable to press the number so it doesn't get put through to you.

There is a way that you can add phone numbers after you've spoken with someone and hung up. Press *99 and a message will say " Call Control Service is off".  To turn on Call Control, follow the directions and then press the number given to manage your calls. You will be told the last number that called and asked if you want to add it to your Call Control list. Val is willing to help if you would like clarification for these instructions.

We are delighted that several parishioners have switched over and chosen to use the Electronic Collection Plate (ECP). Thank you.

If you watched the movie My Octopus Teacher, you may enjoy My Life as a Turkey as well: Click here.

Our own Greg McD is looking for work. If you have any odd jobs you need help with, please consider hiring him. He has a financial deadline to meet by November 26th. Thank you!