Note from the Rector  

Just as we thought things were going to get back to some sense of normal – here I go off to my first clergy conference!  

Twice a year the Bishop calls together all the clergy in the Diocese to gather together for a time of worship, fellowship and learning.  As part of this, each spring there is a clergy conference held somewhere within the Diocese that brings together all the active priests and deacons from one tip of the Island to the other and next week we will be gathering in Parksville!  We will be meeting from April 24th through April 27th with guest facilitators from New Westminster to learn about resiliency in ministry.  This is a very pertinent and timely topic as we all face what it means to be on the other side of COVID restrictions and examine how this has impacted our churches and ministry on a larger scale.   

While this will mean that I am away from the office next week, and not available for bible study yet again.  I do believe that this will be a fruitful time of getting to know my colleagues in ministry and connecting with folks who have specific experiences that I can learn from.  My hope, is that in turn, these connections can become ones I can turn to as we continue our journey together here at St. Mary’s discerning where we are called to next along the way.  I invite your prayers for the clergy of our Diocese as we gather to discuss the future of our churches here in this diocese of Islands and Inlets.  

Deep peace,
Kirsten +  


    March 2023  

Net Income.      $10,765.90
Total Expense   $14,709.38  
Net Loss          (-$3.942.48)  



St. Mary’s Celebration of Life for John Creighton – Friday April 28, 2023 at 1pm

John’s obituary is in the PQB April 19 edition.  There will be a reception to follow in the hall.    Everyone is welcome!  

Tumaini News  

On Sunday Rev. Kirsten blessed all the boxes of items made by the Tumaini crafters.  On Tuesday, 1228 pounds packed onto two pallets, including 772 Personal Care Kits, 453 Izzy Dolls, 150 knitted toques, 57 blankets, 19 quilts and other items, left Nanoose on the beginning of the long journey to Vancouver, then Montreal, to board a ship to Southampton bound for Guernsey UK, then into a container headed to Dar-es-Salam and finally a 1,200 km trip by truck to the support workers who distribute to the orphans in a widespread area of Kagera, Tanzania.

Tumaini is thankful to the parish for the opportunity to meet on the afternoon of the third Wednesday each month.  The storage shelves are now empty and the Crafters will be busy sewing more items for the personal care kits, and making blankets.  Kit-making started in 2013 with 54 kits made.  The total number now stands at 1,866.   The recycling of deposit-fee bottles and cans has funded the cost of shipping the two pallets, for which Tumaini says many thanks!    

In recent weeks, the church office has received some scam emails, purportedly from Kirsten and Elaine but from an unrecognised email address.  Emails from us will always have as part of the email address.    Elaine received this one from the “Royal Bank”, which shows an email address that is clearly fraudulent.


We’ve also heard about a scam where, while you are searching the web, a pop-up window appears, supposedly from “Microsoft” with a phone number to call.   This is also fraudulent -  DO NOT call.  Just shut down your computer and restart after a minute or so.   Please be vigilant!    

2023 FUNdraisers at St. Mary’s

June Jumble Sale – Saturday June 10, 2023

The June Jumble Sale is looking for the following: smaller pieces of furniture (NO beds or couches), plants, seedlings, household items, toys, books, tools and clothing.  Please bring to the hall during office hours and place in the storage room or at the back of the hall. We are also looking for parishioners with access to a truck to help with end-of-sale cleanup. Please see Marrianna or Sue G if you can help. Posters are now available for distribution.

Christmas Fair - Saturday November 18, 2023

As we continue to celebrate this glorious Easter Season, we would ask that you look ahead to another beautiful season and St. Mary’s Christmas Fair.  This is an annual celebration/fund raiser and is looked forward to and enjoyed enormously by our community.  Neighbours and friends from near and far have commented on the Christmas atmosphere and warm welcome they receive when they come through our doors.  Let's continue the tradition!

Our fair entails a lot of work and success has been achieved in past years through many parishioners pitching in and enjoying the camaraderie, fellowship, laughs and satisfaction of a job well done. Work has already begun with donations for the Attic Treasures table, with plans underway for the other tables: Bake Table, More Attic Treasures, Children’s Corner, Kitchen (serving lunch and coffee), and a possible Silent Auction.

Sign-up sheets will be in the hall so PLEASE,  think about your talents, strengths and abilities and consider joining the team and becoming a part of another GREAT CHRISTMAS FAIR.   Please feel free to call Rita for any information regarding the fair and our various tables.