A Message from the Synod Office, please read carefully...

CORONAVIRUS PRECAUTIONS – As influenza season is upon us, and as the most recent strain (Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV) is spread globally, we’d like to encourage all parishioners to pay special attention to attending to their personal health and sanitary habits. If you are feeling even slightly unwell, please do not attend worship or church events. Please wash your hands frequently and make use of the hand sanitizer at entrances to church buildings as you enter or depart. It is the policy of the diocese that “intinction” (dipping the bread in the wine during communion) is NOT an acceptable practice as the risk of spreading viruses is greater from fingertips in the common cup than it is from sipping (when proper use of purificators and wiping is utilized). Remember, Anglican sacramental theology asserts that receiving just the bread is still considered full communion. During The Peace, please respect others’ choice to bow or nod rather than shake hands. If the whole community is conscientious, we can protect our children, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems from becoming ill this flu season. 

A Prayer for our 30th Anniversary: Gracious God, we give thanks as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of St. Mary's parish and the journey that started so many years ago – and so many plans ago – and so many dreams ago. We celebrate all the joys that have been birthed in these 30 years. We celebrate all the happy times, all the accomplishments, and all the triumphs. Thank You, Lord, for blessing us. We acknowledge that there have been, and will continue to be, struggles and heartaches. Yet we have travelled together under Your protection and love. Thank You, Lord, for being with us in good times and bad. We ask, Lord, that You would continue to protect us, guide us and sustain us as we go forth from this 30th anniversary celebration. Amen 

Election of a new Bishop - As many of you will know, Bishop Logan is retiring on May 1st of this year. The election of a new bishop will take place during the Electoral Synod, held at Christ Church Cathedral on June 27th.  Nominations are due May 19th and members of Synod will receive a list of nominees on June 17th which gives us 10 days to review the applicants. If you would like more information, a letter from the Chancellor explaining the process will be posted outside Selinde’s office door. 

Cursillo  - At our 3rd Sunday in December, we heard about Cursillo (Spanish for “little course”), a Diocesan program that helps people live into their Christian life in concrete ways. This year, the Cursillo weekend is being held at Camp Imadene near Lake Cowichan, March 6-8th. If you are interested in attending, you need to register soon! Talk to Selinde if you would like more information. She made her Cursillo 25 years ago, and served on team for several years. This year she is the team’s Spiritual Advisor. 

NEW!  HUB Wednesday Lunch  - We are going to try something new because the bulk of the set-up, cooking and cleaning is falling on only a couple of folks. So check out the new sign-up sheet on Sunday. We are looking for different people each week to make sure there is soup, buns and cheese and then prepare the meal. Set up and clean up are done by Tamara. 

AVM - Plan to stay on Sunday after the service for our Annual Vestry Meeting. Learn more about the amazing outreach we do, and all that is done to manage the upkeep of our buildings and grounds, how we are growing as a parish and that we have finally turned ourselves around and are in a much healthier financial position!  Vote your representatives on to Council and on the budget for the coming year. Ask your questions, offer your ideas. And bring your Annual Report with you. A light lunch will be provided. 

Sunday Coffee  -  We need more people to help out. Training provided, and you work in pairs with an experienced person. Be part of the Sunday Hospitality team; only once every 6-8 weeks. Talk to Brenda Jarvis for more information or to volunteer. 

Altar Guild bulletin correction  - Janet Holte prepared the Altar this Sunday.  Apologies to Janet for the oversight!    


Tuesday, February 4                     
2pm                 Care Team meeting

Wednesday, February 5              
10:30               HUB, Bible study, hymn sing & FREE lunch                                                           
12:30               Transforming Futures Committee meeting

Thursday, February 6                   
1-3pm              Pins & Needles in the Library
Bring your knitting, crocheting and other crafts on the first and third Thursdays of each month, beginning on Feb. 6. We will meet in the library from 1-3pm. Also bring your own coffee/tea so we don’t have to do the dishes.  For more info please call Deana. 

Sunday, February 9                       
11:30               AVM Meeting  
A simple lunch will be provided.  Please bring your Annual Report with you (a few hard copies will be available).



Tuesday, February 11                   
3pm                 Wardens Meeting

Wednesday, February 12            
10:30               HUB, Bible study, hymn sing & FREE lunch

Sunday, February 16                     
11:00               3rd Sunday

Monday, February 17                   
4-6pm              Community Dinner – Something Curry!

Tuesday,  February 18                  
12:30               NOTE: DAY CHANGE Parish Council Meeting – 12:30pm library

Wednesday, February 19            
10:30               HUB, Bible study, hymn sing & FREE lunch                                                            1-4pm              Tumaini Crafters

Thursday, February 20                 
1-3pm              Pins & Needles in the Library

Tuesday, February 25                  
11:30-1:30pm  Shrove Tuesday Pancake Lunch.  YUM.  Let Marrianna know ASAP if you can lend a hand

Wednesday, February 26             
10am              Ash Wednesday Service – NO HUB