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From the Rector's Desk

It’s been a while since I mentioned our little pandemic puppy Trixie (I know, it’s boring for some, scroll ahead to the notices if this is of no interest!) Now that she has had her first birthday we’ve been proud of her development into a young dog, including being more independent, pretty much house trained, and walking much better on a leash. But she still whines a little when we turn the car onto Powder Point Rd. (it sounds like “Do we have to go to church again!”)

The latest introduction into her short life has been a flap in our back door so she can come and go into the garden at will (actually it's a cat flap, but don’t tell her!) After initial apprehension at this new thing, she started pawing at it, smelling and licking it, but made clear that going through it was not going to happen. So it became a treat dispenser. Whenever she poked her head into it there was a piece of dried liver on the other side. And gradually, after enticement and encouragement she got the idea. Now it’s become a godsend as we don’t have to get up every half hour to let her in or out. When we don’t want her to use it, it is closed and she seems to understand that.

The interesting thing about the puppy’s approach to considering a new door, was her curiosity and openness to exploring the possibility (treats notwithstanding.) We’ve all had doors that we were apprehensive about going through, haven’t we. Or ones which we’re still facing. Like many others, I have found it gratifying to step through a few scary doors - big ones like the decision to pursue ordination, or accept a call to a parish, and smaller ones like a diet or exercise routine (and getting a puppy!) If you're facing a difficult open door right now, apprehensive about stepping into it, perhaps avoiding it, know that God will offer guidance and support.  If there’s a decision you’re grappling with, or a relationship that needs repairing, or a change of which you’re unsure, do the puppy thing. Explore the possibility, be curious about what the next step might look like, talk to others, be open to the leading of the Spirit. If it’s wrong for you, the door will be closed.

We may not be enticed by the smell or taste of dry liver to evaluate new opportunities (liver certainly would not work for me) but we can use our senses of faith and discernment to ask ourselves whether God is calling us to step through a particular door, large or small, at a particular time.

With every blessing,
Alan   .

    Office Coverage June/July

WHILE KAT IS IN THE UK, Darrell Bell and Bev Overton will be providing part-time office coverage Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Alan is in on Wednesdays. Thank you Darrell and Bev for volunteering your time!  Alan will not be in this week but can be reached by email or phone. 


The Wednesday Bible Study group will not meet in June and July.  We will resume later in August.

      Thank you to Marty and all who prepared the hall for our Canada Day Lunch!    


                Save these dates...

Sunday, August 14th - St. Mary Matronal festival ('make your own bunwich' lunch)
Sunday, October 9th - Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch  


David Russell Memorial Service  
A video of the service that took place on July 5 in our Memorial Garden can be viewed HERE.


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