From the Rector's Desk

It was so good to be back in the office Tuesday morning, after being away for a whole week at Clergy Conference.  The conference was really interesting this year, with guest speaker Mari Joerstad, Academic Dean and Hebrew Scripture Scholar from Vancouver School of Theology, leading us in a workshop on Laws in the Hebrew text – who knew Leviticus could be so interesting!  We also did some work on the Canons, the laws that govern us as Diocese here on these Islands and Inlets, in preparation for Synod in November where we will be voting on some big changes in our Canons. And finally, the other topic brought to us by the Bishop was liturgy.

Bishop Anna reminded us that the makeup of the church is changing and we are beginning to see more lay leaders stepping into the role of leading Sunday worship, as we have seen here with Jean taking the service last Sunday. Part of this conversation about liturgy also includes an opportunity to explore the use of new music and different liturgies from the Anglican Communion around the world. In light of this, I hope to introduce two new songs on Pentecost Sunday.

The first will be replacing the weekly Gloria for the season of Pentecost. This particular part of the service is an invitation to an 'Act of Praise' and can take many different forms, including a hymn that offers praise to God. The song we will be using starting May 19th has a chorus that I know will be VERY familiar to you all, and hopefully the two short verses will become favourites as well.  If you would like to listen to it ahead of time, click HERE. The other new song is called The Days of Elijah -  also by Robin Mark. The words speak to the readings and message of Pentecost beautifully… and it’s a really fun song!  I am sure some of you have heard it before, but if you want a sneak peak, click HERE to give it a listen!

So this Sunday the service will be business as usual and then be ready for changes when the Spirit blows through us on May 19th!



Church Offering Envelopes

We provide new envelopes every year for the parishioners who are not on the Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program.  This year for the early bird 2025 order, we did not meet the minimum order of 25 required by Post Church Envelope.  Thesed envelopes cost over $250 each year and must be ordered a year in advance.  Parish Council looked at other church envelope options and decided we would not make an envelope order in 2025. We have many full offering envelope boxes in the church office from prior years when parishioners left or did not pick theirs up.  The dates on weekly offering envelopes are not recorded by the counters every Sunday because we do a bank deposit every week.

I know this seems a tad early, but we want you to retain your old offering envelopes and not 'spring clean' them.   In 2025 we will ask you to reuse any of your previous years' offering envelopes and just scribble over or black out the old date.  If you still need 2025 envelopes, you will be provided with a box with a black line through the envelope numbers and dates.  During 2025 we will require only your envelope number or your name on the offering envelope.  If you want to know your envelope number, the church office will give it to you.  Please feel free to discuss this with Kirsten or any of the Wardens.


St. Edmunds Plant Sale this Saturday; 9am-12pm

There will be a Bake Sale, Regifting Table, Books and Local Vendor tables in the church hall.  Please come out and support them!


Oceanside A Cappella Concert at St. Mary’s church – Wednesday May 29 at 7pm

The Oceanside A Cappella choir will perform “Sweet Dream”, a concert directed by Rosemary Lindsay. 

Tickets: Adults & Seniors $15, Students 13-18 $5, under 12 free. Contact for tickets.  Doors open at 6:45pm. 


2023 FUNdraisers at St. Mary’s

June Jumble Sale – Saturday, June 1st, 2024 -  10-2pm

The June Jumble Sale is looking for the following donations: plants (indoor/outdoor), seedlings, household items, kitchen wares, novelties, tools (boys' toys) and baked goods.  We cannot accept clothing or large furniture.  Please bring to the hall during office hours and place in the storage room.  We will be collecting clean bedding and towels for donation to the SPCA.

Please tell all your neighbours and friends!  Ed Y is our fearless leader this year.  He can be contacted through the church office.