From the Rector's Desk

I wonder if any of you saw the Aurora last weekend? If you were able to stay awake and find somewhere away from the city lights to see the blaze of colour moving and dancing in the skies? I have to admit, where we live I couldn’t see much of anything beyond a few grey streaks in the sky as street lights are plentiful in my neighbourhood. However, it didn’t stop me from trying. Knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy didn’t quell my desire to go out and see this spectacular phenomenon that is truly beyond my ability to comprehend. I have never seen the Northern Lights myself, but have always been fascinated by the night sky and have always yearned to see them. And so I went outside in the dark and sat in the yard…. Waiting.

And I wonder how often we do that in our lives. We yearn for something to happen, we wait for the spectacular to show up and amaze us, we pray and ask for something big to happen and then we wait. Could I have gotten in my car and driven out somewhere beyond the city lights to try and get a better view…of course I could have. Could I have maybe stayed up a little later when I might have had a better chance of seeing them…I absolutely could have. But I didn’t, I didn’t do any of those things. I just sat in the dark and waited.

I think sometimes we are like this in our faith life too. We want to see change or growth, we yearn for something to happen, we pray for people to magically enter the church and fill the pews…. And then we wait. Perhaps we are tired, or scared, or unsure if we have the skills or not sure how to start, but whatever it is, something holds us back from taking action and so we wait – hoping that God or someone else will make it happen.

We are entering an exciting time in our church life, the season of Pentecost. It is the season which begins with the coming of the Holy Spirit, blowing through the community in a mighty wind and igniting the hearts of the people with the Spirit of God. And after that first day comes the rest of our lives – the time of growth, of change, of trying new things, of opening up to the spirit to allow us to grow and move and BE who God is calling us to be. So as we move through the coming weeks, let's not just sit around waiting. but seek out ways that we can be part of the change we desire to see in this community. Because God is here, right now, waiting to lead us to places where we will see amazing things.


Let’s be a sea of red…



Concert at St. Mary’s church – Wednesday May 29 at 7pm

The Oceanside A Cappella choir will perform “Sweet Dream”, a concert directed by Rosemary Lindsay. 

Tickets: Adults & Seniors $15, Students 13-18 $5, under 12 free. Contact for tickets.  Doors open at 6:45pm. 


2023 FUNdraisers at St. Mary’s

June Jumble Sale – Saturday, June 1st, 2024 -  10-2pm

The June Jumble Sale is fast approaching! We are looking for the following donations: plants (indoor/outdoor), seedlings, household items, kitchen wares, novelties, tools (boys' toys) and baked goods.  We cannot accept clothing or large furniture.  Please bring to the hall during office hours and place in the storage room.  We will be collecting clean bedding and towels for donation to the SPCA.

Please tell all your neighbours and friends!  Ed Y is our fearless leader this year.  He can be contacted through the church office.