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Note from the Rector

My Friends,  

It is hard to believe that 8 weeks ago today I was ordained a Deacon at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria. The day was a blur for a variety of reasons but I will never forget looking out into the congregation and seeing Val, Elaine, Jean and Rev. Alan there representing this community of faith in supporting my ministry. Well, yesterday it was officially announced that in about 8 weeks time, I will no longer be your Deacon in Charge but be your Priest!  God willing, Bishop Anna will ordain me to the sacred order of the Priesthood on Saturday January 7th at 11am – right here at St. Mary’s!

So you may be wondering what does that mean to be the host church of an ordination! Well – here is what I know so far.  

Those of us who are participating in the service will gather here at St. Mary’s – this will include myself, the bishop, presenters, readers, crucifer, musician etc… all those who are taking part in some way during the service – gathering for a rehearsal on at 9:30am that morning. Then clergy from around the diocese will descend and vest to join in the procession as the service begins! There will likely also be friends from around the diocese – people from my previous parishes, from the Cursillo community and maybe even some who don’t normally come to church coming to be present for the service. Afterwards is where the real fun begins as there will be a reception in the hall where we can truly celebrate this new step in ministry together as community here in this place!!  

I know that this is a busy time of year for all of us as we prepare for the Christmas Fair, look forward to Advent, Lessons and Carols, Carols by Candlelight and of course Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations….However now we have one more thing in this litany of events and I hope that you will mark your calendars to be with me on the 7th.  I will also be looking for folks to help out with the reception, people to be greeters and readers and all those wonderful things that are needed for a successful day – so please prayerfully consider stepping in to help out or assist and together lets show the diocese what it is to be St. Mary’s as we reach out and welcome in!  

Peace, prayers and thanksgiving for each of you,


Mark your calendars and tell everyone you know Saturday November 26, 2022; 9:30am-2pm is our Christmas Fair

Time is ticking away and the Christmas Fair is soon upon us!
Decorations have begun to appear in the hall, the Silent Auction preview will be ready for you all on Sunday after church, and next week the Christmas Fair team will take over the hall as the Café, Attic Treasures and bake sale settle into place. We are still looking for items for the bake sale to be brought Thursday or Friday next week, and for folks to help out with the café. So please let us know if you are able to help.

There are still a number of posters in the church that need to be distributed. So we invite you to take posters and hand them out to neighbours and friends so that all can come and partake in this community event on the 26th!   

    October 2022 Financials

Total Income               $12,367.13
Total Expenses            $12,563.96  
Net Income/Loss        (- $196.83)  


SOMETHING ELSE TO DO . . . our very own Margaret Nelson will play the harpsichord and Sue Foreman is in the choir.  They need an audience.