3rd Sunday Talk this Sunday: Maureen Lawrence of PWRDF will be here to talk to us about this charity, which we support through our birthday box each Sunday. 

Safe Church Training at St.Philip’s-by-the-Sea, Lantzville, Monday, November 18th.  In need of this training? You are welcome to attend.  They will be having a pizza dinner from 5:30-6pm followed by the training from 6pm-9pm.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hilary Whiting; Safe Church Coordinator at the Church office.

COUNTDOWN TO OUR Christmas Fair: less than ONE WEEK! Tues morning set-up time is 9 am.  Please bring baking on Wed.Nov 20 or Thurs Nov 21 for the containers. 

Island Living Coupon books are available this Sunday, see Shirley Hardy or in office too.  $27…What a deal!   

The NCS Elf Christmas tree is up in the Hall.  BE AN ELF…PICK A TAG…BUY A GIFT! - for a local child, teen or adult. 

Our next Parish Social will be on Tuesday November 26th from 4-6pm at Mary Holte’s. Everyone is welcome! Sign up in the Hall on Sunday or RSVP to KAT in the office. 

Community Dinner – November 18  Meatloaf and all the fixings!  Please sign up to volunteer in the Hall. Thank you. 

REIMBURSEMENT CHEQUES will be issued every other week on a Wednesday after noon. For example, in November, cheques will be issued on the 13th and the 27th. We are streamlining office procedures so as to make the best of KAT’S and our treasurer’s time. Thank you for your cooperation. 

We have Revellos left over from the June Jumble Sale that we would like to get out of the freezer in preparation for the Christmas Fair. If you would like a box for yourselves or your grandkids, please ask on Sunday.

Next week…

Selinde will be in the office Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Monday 4-6pm  Community Dinner 

Tuesday 3pm Wardens’ Meeting 

Tuesday through Friday – CHRISTMAS FAIR set up. Talk to Shirley Hardy about how you can help out. 

NO HUB BIBLE STUDY OR LUNCH next Wednesday because of Christmas Fair set up. Please consider helping out instead. NOTE:There will still be choir practice!