Covid-19 Virus Update

These are challenging times. As Christians, we are called to be light to the world; beacons of hope.We offer up our fears, and pray for others, and make wise choices. Every person has different needs and priorities and we respect that. You will be updated as we are updated by the Synod office which is following the protocols put in place by the provincial health authority.  

We have cancelled the Community Dinner for this coming Monday. Please let anyone you know who usually comes that it has been cancelled as a precaution. Please remember to use hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the church or hall when you arrive. Hygiene is critical to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus. If you feel sick, please stay home. Even if you don’t have the Covid-19 virus, we don’t want to spread any illness and compromise others’ strength.  As Christians it is important not to succumb to fear. Can we live into that peace that passes all understanding and be thoughtful, considerate and grounded? Worshipping God together is so important to our spiritual health and community spirit. So we look for ways to be together that minimize risk: 

·        We will exchange the peace without touching hands by nodding, saying words or bowing.  As difficult as it is for her, Selinde will not be giving hugs or shaking hands.  

·        There will be no Collection Plate – instead we invite you to place your donations in the big wooden box as you come into church. 

·         The birthday box will be placed near the doors on your way out of church.

·         Please use the hand sanitizers between touching money and coming to receive communion. 

·         And for communion - remember  that receiving one of the elements constitutes full communion. We will not be passing the cup for the time being. 

·         If you choose not to attend Sunday services, and are not using the Electronic Plate, please consider mailing your weekly envelopes in to the office or switching to the Electronic Plate.  It’s important that we continue to support the work of St. Mary’s in these challenging times. 

We are busy putting into place good practices. Fear, stress and worry compromise our immune systems. So, make informed choices, pray and be kind to one another.  Questions or concerns?  Feel free to talk to your wardens or rector. 

God bless us all,