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Dear Parishioners, 

Happy First day of Spring! Here are 2 photos of the daffodils last year on Ozero’s Hill. Not sure if they are out yet this year??            

What day of self-isolation are you on? And how are you doing? I’d love to hear from you and share your responses with the parish:

Tell me –

1.            One thing you’re grateful for during this pandemic.

2.            One thing that you are doing that is lifting your spirits.

3.            And if you want prayer for someone/something, let me know                               
              a. can I share  your response with the parish?                                
              b. do you want me to post your request to the Prayer Circle?

4.            What movie with an uplifting message would you recommend?

An update on my husband Jim – he made it home last night, with the whole group of students intact (there were some visa issues). So thank God for that. Unfortunately he became sick during the night.  We have consulted the doctor, and while it sounds like he has the Covid-19 virus, he will not be tested. He is not very sick and will recover at home.  He is living in a separate part of the house and keeping well away from me. And I am practicing good hygiene. The upshot of all this is that we are now BOTH in quarantine for 14 days. So…. please know that I am fine.  We have the support of the medical personnel at the school, if need be. And our son is on his way to bring us supplies.  And …. this means no more excuses – I have the time now to really start sorting through all my stuff in preparation for our move to the tiny home sometime in the next few months.  I thank you all for your care, prayers and support!  I will certainly keep you updated. 

Did you know?
Costco Pharmacy Telus is also offering “SEE A DOCTOR…”  So many interesting, helpful and hopeful things are being offered online during this time when people are having to stay home.It’s important not to spend too much time watching the news. Balance your intake with positive information and messages.   The Bible is one source of the good news!!! 

This is one example of what is now being offered online - the opportunity to virtually visit museums online: Please share with me any other interesting links to activities online. 

No one is to come in to the office. Please mail your weekly envelopes into the office. Or drop them off on either Tuesday or Wednesday by ringing the office doorbell and letting KAT know you’re there. I will be working from home and KAT is limiting her hours in the office. But we will be able to receive phone messages or emails whether we’re in the office or not. So, don’t hesitate to reach out. I continue to pray the prayer I sent out on Monday every morning at 10am.

It’s good to connect with you and do the invisible work! Unfortunately, we will not be able to pull off the virtual Sunday service we were hoping to create now that I’m homebound. But I will send you links tomorrow to services you can go to online.

Bless you all,
Keep safe, keep praying and reach out, stay in touch

Your housebound priest,